Dynamite Ag is owned by Dr. Curtis Livesay.  Dr. Livesay is a Certified Crop Adviser and works with diverse growers and crops in over 20 states, and three countries.  

Since 2015 he has consulted for numerous state and national champions of the contests run by the National Corn Growers Association, National Soybean Association, National Wheat Growers Association, and the National Sorghum Producers.  Dr. Livesay has numerous clients with documented corn yields of 300+ bushels per acre (the national average for corn yield is approximately 170 bushels per acre) and he also works directly with Kip Cullers, three-time World Record Soybean Grower. 

About Us

Having earned his Ph.D. in Research Methods and Interpersonal Communication from the University of Iowa in 2012, Dr. Livesay regularly conducts independent research trials testing various products and practices with growers throughout the U.S. Most recently, he has taken up pro bono consulting with two different charitable organizations specializing in agricultural production in impoverished regions in Nigeria, focusing on the sustainable production of banana, bamboo, and soybeans. 

Dr. Livesay has served as the keynote speaker for non-profit organizations such as the Pacific Northwest Direct Seeding Association, and the Alabama Soybean Association, and for for-profit companies such as Legend Seeds, DuPont Pioneer, Biovante, and the Conklin Company.

Dr. Livesay is very active on social media, providing free agronomy education for growers and crop consultants through his agronomy blog, “The Agronomist’s Journal.”  He also hosts the “Ag Talk with the Ag Doc” podcast.  He regularly appears in other prominent agricultural media as well.  He has been interviewed by the Farm Journal, and various agricultural focused radio stations.  He has also been a repeat guest on Tim Hammerich’s “The Future of Agriculture” Podcast, and he has written articles for the Cannabis Business Times. 

Dr. Livesay also has a team of independent agronomists, consultants, and farmers, who work together to research, discover, and promote the most economically profitable and environmentally sound agronomic practices.  

If you would like to have your product(s) tested by Dynamite Ag, please feel free to contact us.