The Ayers Family

Jimmy and Cyd Ayers farm near Rochester, IL with their daughter, Cathryn, and their son, Cameron.  The Ayers' run numerous on-farm, triplicated, research trials every year.  

Curt & Melissa Livesay

Drs. Curt & Melissa Livesay are the owners of Dynamite Ag. Curt is a Certified Crop Adviser and specializes in plant nutrition and soil fertility.

Alex Osborne

Alex Osborne is the owner and chief agronomist of The Crop Guy, LLC.  Alex specializes in plant nutrition and cover crops.

Chris & Gayla Ledbetter

Chris & Gayla raise corn, beans, and wheat near Okmulgee, OK. Chris is the multi-time Oklahoma state corn champion.  They also raise and sell seed wheat.

Kip & Michelle Cullers

Kip & Michelle Cullers  raise corn, beans, and wheat on several thousand acres in southwest Missouri. Kip is the world record soybean producer and a member of the 300 bushel corn club.

Our Team

John & Julie Prasil

John & Julie raise corn, beans, alfalfa and cattle east of Cedar Rapids, IA.  John runs multiple on-farm research trials each year and he and Dr. Livesay developed the Dynamite Ag nitrogen research protocol together.